What our customers say

We are grateful for the many years of problem-free cooperation. In particular, we appreciate the fact that you have provided technically-correct translations of our datasheets and instruction guides into the foreign languages requested. One aspect that we see as a particular benefit of your company is the fact that you maintain the source document formatting in the foreign language documents. This saves us comprehensive explanation and proofing processes for the editor or graphic designer in foreign language documents, because these external providers find it much easier adding translated text blocks at the correct place of the document.
Internationally-active manufacturer of technical solutions for pressure monitoring

We are a successful manufacturer and seller of cleaning machines for the laboratory, pharmaceutical, industrial, optical, electronic and aerospace industries and supply domestic and export customers.
In terms of cooperation between our company and Hansson Übersetzungen, we can confirm complete satisfaction with an all-round excellent service, speed and good price ratio.
Manufacturer of micro-cleaning plants as well as automatic cleaning, disinfection and drying machines

As a developer and manufacturer of shut-off and modulation systems for flue gases and telescopic steel covers for the slide way protection of large machine tools, we regularly use the expert skills of Hansson Übersetzungen GmbH. Because of the international nature of our company with a worldwide clientele, it is vital for us to have a reliable partner for the translation of documentation and manuals. Considering the diversity of the languages used, as well as the specialised technical content, we have – in Hansson Übersetzungen GmbH – been able to make use of what we see as a highly-respected business partner during recent years.
Developer and manufacturer of shut-off and modulation systems for flue gas

Fast and qualitatively high value translations. We have, for example, received positive feedback about the translation quality from our English and American dealers. The price is calculated correctly and fairly in terms of word count.
Automotive industry supplier (incl. exhaust systems)

We often need translations of offers and documentation from German into English (on occasion also into French, Dutch, and Russian). All orders so far were always delivered on time. We shall also entrust the Hansson company with our future requirements. 
Internationally-active company in industrial plant engineering

We have commissioned Hansson Übersetzungen GmbH with the translation of our technical documents on multiple occasions.
We were very satisfied with the execution, support and high-quality translations and would also be delighted to work with this language services provider in the future.
Global company in the cable testing, diagnosis and cable fault location sector.